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Travel Tips for Namibia

Communal Camps

Roads in Namibia link most areas of the country, although most are gravelled rather than tarred. Major roads are denoted national routes and numbered, with a prefix "B". Less important roads are given a two-digit number, with a prefix "C", and minor roads are given a three- or four-digit number, with a prefix "D".

Petrol stations are located throughout Namibia. Credit cards are not accepted as a form of payment, only cash (N$/SAR) or a petrol card.

Sunset with a Gemsbok

In Namibia you drive on the left side of the road. Otherwise, the traffic rules are the same as those in Europe. The speed limit is 60-80kph (37-50mph) in urban areas, 80-90kph (50-56mph) on gravel roads and 120kph (75mph) on tar roads. Seat belts are compulsory.

Limit driving at night because of increased wildlife activity. Always look out for wild animals and reduce speed when you see them.

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